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Terms and Conditions

"We", "Us" or "Our" refers to eco-drive school , "You" or "Your" refers to you, the customer.

Our responsibilities - eco-drive school agrees to offer professional driving tuition in a suitable, dual control vehicle, with a fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor. We will, when it is within our control, always be punctual. We will always provide one to one tuition and not "piggyback" lessons. We will not increase prices for existing pupils (unless our costs suddenly increase). We will offer a personal, professional service to meet your needs and strive to ensure each learner receives a positive learning experience. We welcome feedback at any time.

Customer requirements - It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentation to legally drive in the UK. We reserve the right to refuse training if you fail to provide the appropriate documentation.

Prices - We reserve the right to change the price of tuition and special offers at any time.

Special offers - We reserve the right to withdraw special offers at any time.

Lesson Changes - If you wish to change the lesson time, length or pick up/drop off location then please give at least 24 hours notice. Failure to do so could incur a charge of half the lesson fee.

Lesson Cancellations - If you wish to cancel a lesson please notify us on by the evening before. If we receive notification of a cancellation on the same day as the lesson is due to commence then you may be charged for one hour. If our instructor turns up at the agreed time and place for the lesson and it does not take place, then a one hour fee will be charged.

Payments - All lessons must be paid for before they commence. Failure to do so means we reserve the right to refuse training.

Refund policy - Where block payments have been made, you are entitled to a refund for any hours not yet taken, you are not entitled to a refund on lessons already taken. If you are in credit for a period longer than six months since the last lesson, you are not entitled to a refund of any hours in credit though you may still take the lessons.
For payments received by Paypal, if a refund is requested then you will be charged for the Paypal fee (which is approximately 3.5%)

Test fees - The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) determines the prices for test fees. It is your responsibility to book your own driving tests.

Test dates - Please be aware that if you choose to book your own driving test without first consulting us about our availability we will do our best to accommodate you but we may be unable to take you to test.

Test readiness - Your Instructor will advise you of when they feel you are ready to take a test. If your Instructor does not feel you are ready, we are within our rights to withdraw the use of car and Instructor time for your driving test.

eco-drive school reserves the right to refuse tuition to anyone at any time without prior notice.