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About the Driving Test

Your driving test will challenge you on everything that you have learned with your Instructor. You will be driving on different types of roads, in different areas and with varying amounts of traffic. In addition you will be asked to do the following....

1) There will be an Independent driving part to the test which will last 20 minutes. This takes up approximately half of the test and could involve following simple, basic instruction to get to a destination or following the Sat Nav.

2) Following directions from a Sat Nav. During the Independent drive most candidates may be asked to follow directions from a Sat Nav. The Examiner will set it up and also set the route. You will still be able to ask the examiner for confirmation on instructions and it wont matter if you accidentally go the wrong way as long as you continue to drive safely.

3) You will be asked to do one randomly picked reversing manoeuvre. , The choices are ;

* Parallel park

* Park in a bay, either by reversing in and driving out or driving in and reversing out

* Pull up on the right, reverse 2 car lengths then move off safely

4) Answering a vehicle safety question while driving, during your drive the examiner will ask you 2 of the show me, tell me questions. These may be asked at the beginning before you start your driving, or during the drive.