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Reasons to choose eco-drive.

There are lots of reasons to choose eco-drive to learn to drive in Plymouth. Here are some of them:

  • Experienced, fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor - You can rest assured your money is being well spent
  • Nervous pupil specialist - Someone who understands if you need more time or encouragement
  • The carbon usage of your lesson will be offset - Good for the environment
  • We focus on Eco-driving - Necessary to pass your driving test and will save you money throughout your driving life
  • Brand new car to learn in - The car is a brand new Renault Clio
  • Air conditioned car - You will learn to drive in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Our instructor is very patient and approachable - Learn to drive in a patient, relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Non smoking driving instructor - No lesson interruptions for cigarette breaks (unless requested by the learner!) and a smoke free car
  • Full 1 to 1 tuition, no car sharing - Your whole lesson time will be concentrated on teaching you to drive
  • Mock tests - Allow you to practice a driving test before the real thing
  • Pass plus registered - Save on insurance premiums and gain more experience once you have passed your driving test
  • Discounts for students and block bookings - Allows you to make substantial savings on your driving lessons
  • Door to door service from home, work, college or university - You do not have to travel to take lessons, we come to you